Hotel Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a common security measure in hotels to ensure the safety of guests and employees, prevent theft and other criminal activities, and monitor the hotel’s overall operations. Numerous reputable reports concede that hotel crime rates unfortunately have continued to rise in recent years. Guests in hotels report missing
personal belongings every day.

With the security challenges that the hotel industry is facing Video Surveillance systems are crucial to protect the premises, your employees and guests. When people are looking for hotels to stay at the primary driving factor is the expectation of hotel safety and security. Once you achieve that, a relaxing atmosphere is created which can results in guests spending more money during their stay.

Many hotel owners are deciding on security guards as a solution to keep their premises safe. Guards will have limited coverage and they can’t be everywhere at the same time. Another security option is having an alarm system. Alarms are not deterrent for the thieves or anyone that wants to break in. Having an alarm system means you are paying for a service that will not keep you
protected at all.

Each camera monitored by STT Security is the equivalent of having a static guard in that location for a fraction of the cost. Criminals are aware that most alarms do not provide any real level of security. We are the intelligence behind the cameras; our eyes are on the premises up 24/7. We are not waiting for trigger activation we watch for suspicious activity and prevent it before it happens!

STT offers customize solution for different site and Video Monitoring Service for 24/7.

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