Video surveillance in multi-family residential buildings is an effective way to enhance security and safety for residents. Here are some considerations for implementing video surveillance in multi-family settings:

Common Areas Coverage install cameras in common areas such as lobbies, hallways, elevators, parking lots, and entrances/exits. These areas are typically accessible to residents, visitors, and service providers, and monitoring them can help deter and detect unauthorized individuals or suspicious activities.

Entrance Monitoring place cameras at building entrances to record individuals entering and exiting the premises. This can assist in
identifying potential intruders or monitoring access control systems like key cards or intercoms.

Parking Lot Surveillance install cameras to cover parking lots to deter theft, vandalism, and vehicle-related incidents. Adequate coverage of parking areas can help identify vehicles or individuals involved in suspicious activities.

Video Doorbells consider implementing video doorbell systems for individual units. These allow residents to view and communicate with visitors at their front doors remotely, enhancing security and providing a record of interactions.

By implementing video surveillance in multi-family residential buildings, you can help enhance the security and safety of residents and deter potential criminal activities.

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